Treadmill Desk

treadmill desk

One of the lifestyle adjustments I’ve had to make since the onset of my pain is setting up a completely different workstation. Admittedly, I have spent a LOT of time sitting – like years. The back pain that started several years ago limited my activity so much that I sort of gave up trying exercise because it always resulted in pain. As a photographer, my work also requires many hours of sitting and developing photographs on computer software. This adds up to many, many hours of sitting. I absolutely believe all this sitting has contributed to more pain. I doubt it’s the cause, per say, but it makes things even worse.

So, I took the plunge and bought a stand up desk with a treadmill. I bought the two parts separately. The desk itself was fairly easy for my husband to assemble – and he is not very handy – but parts of it are heavy, so be careful about lifting! The treadmill arrived fully assembled. Besides being packed to death, it was super simple to set up.

It has been ten days using my new workstation. I must say …. I absolutely love it! I am on it right now! Walking and typing away. I go very slow – 1mph. But it adds up, and usually I do 4-5 hours per day on it. That’s 4-5 extra miles. I have lost 3 lbs and haven’t changed my eating habits at ALL.

I am not sure at this point how much it has helped pain. It helps while I am on it and using it. I feel the least amount of pain while using the treadmill, but the pain is the same when I am not on it.

I will give updates as time goes on and I have more experience with using it. Here is where I purchased the desk and treadmill.

The Desk

The Treadmill


2 thoughts on “Treadmill Desk

  1. Nice set up. I’m so interested in standing desks. A (fiction) author I love, Neal Stephenson, wrote a great essay about them years ago, and also included one as a bit of a plot device in one of his novels (Reamde.)

    I can see how “not sitting still” helps prevent the stiffness, but my arthritis began in my feet, so I don’t think I could stand (much less walk) for so many hours. I have a hard time accomplishing my housework because of foot pain. 😦

    I’ve wondered if I could somehow use one of those old “health rider” things they used to sell in the mall–kind of like a kid’s rocking horse turned into an ineffectual exercise machine?–and work it into an “exercise desk.” I want to be gently shifting most of my joints in all directions, but with my weight supported by my cushy tush instead of my bony feet! LOL

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  2. Hm never heard of that author, will have to check him out! I have seen photos on the net of people using stationary bikes and step machines with stand up desks, so why not a health rider?


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