Chronic Pain – Daniel J. Clauw

I wanted to share this video because I think it makes some really interesting points. Also, I related to some of it. I believe the brain does play a role (sometimes significantly) in chronic pain. This doesn’t mean there are not underlying physical problems – many times there are – but the brain’s pain amplification system can certainly make pain much worse! Anyway, if you have chronic pain problems, this video is worth checking out.



One thought on “Chronic Pain – Daniel J. Clauw

  1. This was a really interesting video. Thanks for posting it.

    If you won’t be offended by a suggestion, maybe add a little more of a description about WHAT makes it so interesting to you (or to your reader), or pointers to the best moments in the video. It took me three different visits to watch all 1 hr 30 min of the video. I wouldn’t always have time for that.

    I think posting a link to the website he mentions at the end would also be super helpful for your readers. He gave it as; when I typed that into my browser today, it redirects to

    I’ve avoided the neurotransmitter drugs so far, but I feel like I have much more specific points to discuss with my doctor after viewing this when we invariably consider them again, so I’m really sincerely grateful for the post!

    Also his point about PACING (which I figured out for myself) is great, but maybe even more vital for us to hear that you should use your gains in pain relief to increase FUN (pleasure activities) as well as getting chores done. It’s like putting on your own air mask before your child’s when the plane is going down, isn’t it? Sustainable use of our own personal energy…

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